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Edelson Equine Associates - Horse Veterinarian Manheim Giving the horse a dental treatment

Due to potential medical risks, it's best for your horse to receive dental care from a licensed veterinarian. Edelson Equine Associates offers full-service dental care so be sure to choose us for excellent dentistry work.


Call Edelson Equine Associates for equine dental care:



  • Administer a sedative

  • Administer an analgesic

  • Diagnose dental problems

  • Develop and oversee the treatment plan

Quality Horse Dental Services:

Problems like malocclusion and mouth pain can contribute to other behavioral issues, which is why it's crucial to pay attention to your horse's dental health.

Importance Of Horse Dental Health

Receive expert advice from Edelson Equine Associates to determine the condition of your horse's teeth. Dental examinations can also be completed to make sure your horse's teeth are healthy.

Expert Dental Advice For Your Horse

Full-Service Equine Dental Care