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Buying a new horse for pleasure, competition, or reproduction can be a major investment. You want to be sure you are getting a healthy horse that doesn't have any unseen medical concerns.  


Be sure of your investment when you call us now!



If you have any videos of the horse in motion or any of the horse's X-rays, we'll review them and consult on whether we should proceed with a physical examination.

Preliminary Consultations

When you call us for a pre-purchase examination of a horse, our expert veterinarians will travel locally or arrange to drive a distance depending on the location to complete the exam.

Local Or Long Distance Exams

When you call the veterinarians at Edelson Equine Associates, we'll thoroughly evaluate your potential horse's health and wellness using the latest equipment and technology in order to give you peace of mind before you purchase.

In-Depth Health Examinations

Complete Pre-Purchase Equine Exams