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When you want your horse to receive individualized attention and care, Edelson Equine Associates is your best choice. Using cutting-edge care and technology, your horse will receive advanced diagnostics and procedures for excellent results.

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Dr. Edelson grew up in Lancaster County. As a child and teenager Dr. Edelson was entranced by horses: riding, showing horses competitively and caring for them. When not with the horses, Dr. Edelson spent many youthful hours at his father´s steel plant.


Dr. Edelson studied at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School, graduating in 1974, when he founded what is now Edelson Equine Associates. The medical team works out of his family farm in Manheim. Over the years, Dr. Edelson developed expertise in several areas, reproduction, lameness and general medicine. He is an acknowledged specialist in fertility and reproduction and has delivered over fourteen thousand babies in his career. Dr. Edelson’s skill in lameness diagnosis has resulted in clients shipping in horses from other states and shipping Dr. Edelson to other states to diagnose their horses. His skill with an x-ray machine has caused an orthopedic surgeon client to complain that he wished his patient’s x-rays would be of that high a quality. Dr. Edelson’s decades of medical practice has run the course of treatment of everything from Potomac Fever, West Nile Virus, colic and all of the everyday aches and pains a horse can encounter.


When not consumed with his medical practice, Jeff honors the horse through the art of steel sculpture.

Jeffrey M. Edelson, VMD

Dr. Wheeler was raised in northwestern Pennsylvania, in the town of Erie. Shortly after becoming involved in riding horses she became an active member in the Erie County 4-H program. In her teens she participated in the State 4-H Horse Show, State Capitol Days Program, and was a 4-H State Ambassador. She represented Pennsylvania at the National 4-H Congress on both Horse Bowl and Hippology Teams. She also became involved in the United States Pony Club and graduated at the C-2 level. She particularly enjoyed participating in mounted games, show jumping and eventing and was able to represent the Tri-State Region at Championships East for games and eventing at the novice level.


Dr. Wheeler received a Bachelor of Arts from Penn State and is still an avid fan. She went on to attend veterinary school at Iowa State University and received her veterinary degree in 2010. She then completed an internship at the New Jersey Equine Clinic, which is an equine referral and surgical center. Highlights from her internship include gaining experience with Dynamic Respiratory Endoscopy (DRE), endoscopic upper airway surgery, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), lameness evaluations, arthroscopic surgery and orthopedic surgery. She then enrolled in a Master’s Degree program with the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Her areas of research included behavioral monitoring, bovine respiratory disease, and gait analysis but her main focus dealt with bone regeneration and healing in orthopedic surgery.


Dr. Wheeler enjoys reading, and is learning how to fish, boat, and camp in her free time. She currently owns a Thoroughbred gelding, Iron Image, who carried her through her competitive career in 4-H and Pony Club. She still enjoys riding for pleasure and being a spectator at equine competitions.

Carrie Wheeler, DVM

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