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When your horse is having a problem, you want to find the best diagnosis and treatment options available. Call the expert veterinarians at Edelson Equine Associates for top-notch X-rays and ultrasounds to help better diagnose and treat any issues your horse may be having.


If your horse has a problem, call us today!



  • Gastrointestinal problems

  • Tendon damage examinations

  • Heart abnormalities

  • Pregnancy diagnosis

  • Reproductive management

Ultrasounds Available For:

Our veterinarians are highly trained and experienced in all the proper diagnosis techniques and procedures to better understand exactly what your horse needs.

Highly Certified Veterinarians

With digital X-ray technology, our equipment renders an image on the computer within seconds to quickly view and diagnose any issues that are present.  


For example, if there is a lameness issue that could be fixed with corrective shoeing, we can take an X-ray and advise you on proper shoeing for your horse's physical needs.

Digital X-Rays

State-Of-The-Art X-Rays And Ultrasounds