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Take care of your horse with regular wellness exams. No matter the age of your horse, it's important to give your horse checkups to keep track of its health. During a wellness exam, your horse's major organ systems will be evaluated to make sure everything is working well.


Call us to give your horse a wellness exam:



Your horse's health and well-being heavily rely on their nutrition. As your horse ages, so do its nutritional needs.


Get all the nutritional guidance you need from our highly certified veterinarians.

Complete Nutritional Counseling

Preparing your horse for old age is important because you don't want to miss out on any small issues that grow into big problems.


Receive advice from Edelson Equine Associates to help your horse age gracefully.

Thorough Senior Care For Horses

When your horse has a wellness exam, be prepared to answer questions regarding your horse's behavior, diet, exercise, and regular activities. Feel free to ask us any of your own questions, too!

What Questions Will Be Asked During Your Horse's Wellness Exam?

Comprehensive Equine Wellness Exams